Tri Course HD


As a long distance triathlete, races are often at destinations you'll be lucky to visit a few days before the event. With our DVD's, you can preview your next 56 or 112 mile bike course before your tires ever hit pavement. Enjoy the scenery from the comfort of your couch or astride your trainer while checking out the course schematics, elevation, grade, turn-by-turn directions, and more displayed on-screen throughout the entire course. Read more on using our DVD's as an awesome training tool on our products page.


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Tri Course HD is featured on in the 2014 Spring Gear Guide! Check it out at  

Two new courses in the works...

We are currently planning two new courses - Arizona and New Orleans.  Both of these courses should be available in Spring 2014!

In the works: St. George

A quick note that we'll be updating as we progress. 12/4/13 We've wrapped up filming of St. George's 56 mile course (switched from full in 2013) This is an awesome...


We'll let you know when we release a new course!